CATIA Fundamentals for Managers & Non-Designers

This is an introductory course for any users of CATIA V5 that will not be responsible for creating new designs.  Through a combination of instructor lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises students gain an understanding of the CATIA V5 interface and how to view, measure, and manipulate existing CATIA V5 model data as well as how to capture images and create simple assemblies and drawings.

$950 / Student
2 Days

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Topics Covered


Introduction to CATIA

  • Open CATIA
  • Understand the CATIA Interface
  • Recap Ex. CATIA V5 User Interface, Case Study


Profile Creation

  • Create a new part
  • Select an appropriate sketch support
  • Create sketched geometry
  • Recap Ex. Profile Creation & Sketch Constraints


Basic Features

  • Determine a Base Feature
  • Create Pad and Pocket features
  • Create Holes
  • Create Fillets & Chamfers
  • Recap Exercises, Basic Feature Creation


Additional Part Features

  • Create Basic Wireframe Geometry
  • Create Shaft & Groove features
  • Shell the model
  • Recap Ex. Shaft & Groove, Thin Pad & Shell


Dress-Up Features

  • Edit Features
  • Recap Ex. Feature Definition, Features Activation


Finalizing Design Intent

  • Apply Material Properties
  • Measure the model
  • Recap Ex. Material and Measures


Assembly Design

  • Assemble the Base Component
  • Manipulate the position of the component
  • Assemble & fully constrain components
  • Save the Assembly
  • Recap Ex. Positioning & Constrain Components



  • Start a new drawing
  • Create views
  • Create dimensions and annotations
  • Create additional views
  • Save & print the drawing
  • Recap Ex. Drawing Creation



Start Date
March 15th
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March 29th
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April 12th
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April 26th
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May 10th
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May 24th
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June 3rd
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