CATIA Composites Design & Manufacturing

In this course, students will learn how to produce design and manufacturing information for composite parts utilizing CATIA V5’s CPD and CPM workbenches.  This course is a  hands-on course consisting of instruction and exercises.

$2,500 / Student
5 Days
CATIA V5 Fundamentals and Surface Design Fundamentals.

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Topics Covered


Composite Part Design topics:

  • Preliminary Design
  • Manual Ply Creation
  • Zone Design
  • Ply Management
  • Mirroring
  • Creating IML’s & Solids
  • Analyzing
  • Drop Off and Slicing
  • Composite Grid Design

Grid Panel Definition

Grid Definition

Virtual Stacking Management

Plies Generation

Grid Ramp Support Definition

Remove Useless Ramp Supports

Swap Edge

Reroute Ply Contour

Define Local Drop Off

Create Standard Contour

Define No Drop Off Area

Synchronize Stacking

Limit Plies from Panel Limits


Composite Part Manufacturing topics:

Manufacturing Process

  • Creating a Manufacturing Document
  • Synchronizing
  • Skin Swapping
  • Defining the Edge of Part
  • Material Excess
  • Producibility
  • Flattening
  • Flatten Optimization
  • Geometry Transfer
  • Producibility Inspection
  • Fiber Direction

Unfold Entity

Splicing and Splice Zones



  • Exporting Ply Data as IGES or DXF
  • XML Export

Drafting Standards

  • Creating a Ply Book

Automated Deposition Design (ADD)

  • Adding Material to Plies
  • Stagger Origin Points
  • Grid Angle Cut

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Some restrictions apply:

  • Student must attend a 5 day training class
  • Maximum of one (1) free tablet per individual
  • Valid for scheduled classes only
  • Class curriculum is locked to the tablet and no hardcopy curriculum is provided
  • Students that attend additional Inceptra 5 day scheduled classes will be provided with the class material for their tablet