CATIA Composites Part Manufacturing & Fiber Modeler

In this course students will learn how to produce composites manufacturing information from CATIA models containing OEM information added with the Composite CPD and CPM workbenches. CATIA Fiber Modeler (formerly Simulayt Advanced Fiber Modeler) will be used to analyze complex surfaces seen in the aerospace, helicopter and motorsport industries.

$1,800 / Student
3 Days
Fundamentals / Those responsible for manufacturing composite parts

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Topics Covered


Composite Part Manufacturing topics:

  • Composites Catalog
  • Laminate Parameters
  • Manual Plies Creation
  • Plies Group
  • Core creation
  • Ply Exploder
  • 3D Sections
  • On the Fly Composites Information
  • Numerical Analysis
  • Core Sample
  • Symmetry Creation
  • Interactive Ply Table
  • Ply Table
  • Import and Ply Table Creation
  • Drawing
  • Mirror Part
  • Manufacturing Data Structure
  • Manufacturing Surface Swapping
  • Edge Of Part
  • Material Excess
  • Multi Splice Creation
  • Butt Splice – No Splice
  • Producibility Analysis
  • Inspection tool Darts
  • Flattening
  • Geometry transfer
  • Synchronization
  • Ply Export
  • Ply Book


Composite Fiber Modeler topics:


Introduction to Fiber Simulation

  • Why Fiber Simulation?
  • Surface Geometries
  • Material Models
  • Propagation Modes
  • Operation in CATIA


Constraint on Fibers

  • Seed/Guide Curve
  • Order of Drape Region


FE Flattening

  • Material Model
  • Simulation Principles
  • Comparison with Geometric Fiber Simulation


Start Date
July 21st
Live Remote Learning
August 25th
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