Abaqus/Explicit: Advanced Topics

The course emphasizes practical skills and techniques that are needed for analyses with Abaqus/Explicit. The course uses examples derived from actual industrial applications to reinforce the concepts and issues discussed in the lectures.


$1,800 / Student
3 Days
This course is recommended for simulation analysts and engineers with experience using Abaqus.

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Class Structure

Upon completion of this course you will be able to:

  • Use the explicit dynamics method effectively, including the application of general contact, mass scaling, and adaptive remeshing
  • Use Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/Standard together to solve difficult problems
  • Model high-strain-rate deformation and failure
  • Filter output


The course includes the following topics:

  • The explicit dynamics method
  • General contact
  • Adaptive meshing
  • Automatic mass scaling for impact problems
  • Automatic mass scaling for quasi-static problems
  • Using both Abaqus/Explicit and Abaqus/Standard to solve difficult problems like results transfer and co-simulation
  • Modeling high-strain-rate deformation and failure
  • Output filtering
  • Managing large models


Class Lessons

Lesson 1:  Overview of Abaqus/Explicit

Lesson 2:  Elements

Lesson 3:  Contact Modeling

Lesson 4:  Quasi-Static Analyses

Lesson 5:  Constraints and Connections

Lesson 6:  Impact and Post-buckling Analyses

Lesson 7:  Material Damage and Failure

Lesson 8:  Importing and Transferring Results

Lesson 9:  Managing Large Models

Lesson 10:  Output Filtering

Start Date
May 10th
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