Aerospace & Defense Suppliers’ Challenging Road

Aerospace & Defense Suppliers' Challenging Road

Top 10 Challenges for Suppliers that Determine Success or Failure

The Aerospace & Defense industry is experiencing significant technological and environmental changes that impact the entire value chain. Aerospace & Defense suppliers must drive cost reduction and ensure higher quality, while also engineering and producing increasingly complex components and systems. To optimize production, they must adopt leaner, more agile, and connected means to improve operational efficiency and respond to demand fluctuations.

Diversifying into new markets is crucial for differentiation and adapting to economic cycles. This puts pressure on suppliers’ innovation capacity and collaboration with new players in Advanced Air Mobility and New Space markets.

Digital continuity creates consistent data from connected systems that teams can leverage across the product lifecycle. The 3DEXPERIENCE platform gives your organization the power of connections, making data instantly and securely accessible to anyone, anywhere, on any device.

As more Aerospace & Defense suppliers adopt or plan to adopt digitalization, it will become a standard requirement for doing business rather than a competitive advantage. Suppliers who can apply digital in innovative ways to meet customer demands in civil and government markets will have an advantage over their competitors.

In this eBook, you will learn how Aerospace & Defense suppliers can overcome the following challenges by digitalizing their organizations:

Aerospace & Defense suppliers can overcome the following challenges by digitalizing their organizations
  • Emphasize both product and process innovation for differentiation
  • Invest in your workforce, particularly at the technician level
  • Harness the industrial internet of things with the power of connections
  • Improve time to market to meet customer demand
  • Become a nimble enterprise that can adapt rapidly to market conditions
  • Make additive manufacturing a core competency
  • Model-based enterprise: the key to improved competitiveness
  • Aggressively manage risk mitigation, including avoiding counterfeit parts
  • Sustain a healthy level of company-funded R&D investment
  • Start preparing now for a post-digital world

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