MBD Accelerator

Streamline Publishing of Model Based Definition Data

Model Based Definition (MBD) is quickly becoming a common way for companies in many industries to streamline their product development process. In the past, both a 3D model and a 2D drawing were defined for parts and assemblies. However, neither the model nor the drawing was a complete definition. This was confusing for downstream users of the information.


Information used to define, manufacture and inspect a part or assembly is contained within the 3D model

With MBD, all information to define, manufacture and inspect a part or assembly is contained in the 3D model. This saves time in design and eliminates additional documents to manage and revise. However, for many downstream users, it can be difficult to find the specific information they need and tedious to develop shop aids and First Article Inspection (FAI) reports from 3D models.

MBD Model in CATIA


Extract important MBD product data into simple, usable formats

The Inceptra MBD Accelerator solution for CATIA V5 or ENOVIA DMU enables you to streamline the publishing of your MBD data throughout your organization by extracting important data and presenting it in simple formats such as Microsoft Word® and Excel®.


Enhance your processes

  • Model analysis for the Bidding Process
  • Material Reports for Purchasing
  • Shop Aides for Manufacturing
  • First Article Inspection Reports (FAI) for Quality
Ballooned FAI Drawing


FAI Report


Easily configure CATIA models in accordance with different OEM standards

Inceptra MBD Accelerator is easy to configure to work with the many different ways that MBD can be defined and organized in a CATIA model according to different OEM standards. The contents and format of reports can also be customized.  Configuration Profiles can be defined and distributed to suppliers to ensure consistent reporting throughout the supply chain.

Video demonstration of MBD Accelerator


Key features

  • Supports CATIA V5 Parts and Assemblies
  • Fully configurable to work with different methods that annotations are created in models
  • Configurable report formats
  • Extraction of Captures and Notes
  • Preview Captures before the extraction process
  • Extraction of Notes stored in any location within the model
  • Automatic First Article Inspection (FAI) Ballooning
  • Creation of FAI Reports
  • Language Support – English and French currently


Supports all MBD data types

  • 3D Dimensions
  • Parameters
  • Annotation Sets
  • Captures
  • Views
  • Geometric Dimension & Annotation
  • Materials
  • Title Block Information
  • 3D Flag Notes
  • Surface Finishes


System requirements

  • CATIA V5 or ENOVIA DMU (V5-6R2013 – V5-6R2019)
  • Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10 (32-bit or 64-bit)
  • Microsoft Office 2003 – 2019 or Office 365


Consulting services

Inceptra also provides a full range of Consulting Services for companies who are beginning to work in a Model Based Definition environment.

  •  MBD Quickstart for Model Creators

Learn how to define standard templates for capturing MBD to support all downstream applications.

  • MBD Quickstart for Downstream

Learn how to extract and use MBD in manufacturing processes.


MBD Accelerator 4.0 updates


Available Add-On – MBD Accelerator Net-Inspect Connector

The Net-Inspect Connector is an add-on capability to the base Inceptra MBD Accelerator application. It is used by organizations to streamline the publication of CATIA 3D MBD information directly to the Net-Inspect website.  For more information, see product page.

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